The Robertson Hypothesis: A Joyless Review

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David W. Mantik


Robertson tries to prove a JFK two-head-shot scenario via an initial fracture line that (supposedly) interrupted a subsequent fracture line. This claim has been widely circulated and has often been uncritically accepted among Warren Commission critics. It is therefore worthy of serious scrutiny. Rather than logically examining the evidence, however, these compliant critics have guilelessly curtsied to the authority of a board certified diagnostic radiologist.

What is truly astonishing though is how many medical witnesses and official experts have disagreed with RR. It is likely that he has set a new record for this. For example, he disagrees with the Parkland medical personnel (including several neurosurgeons), the forensic anthropologist, the forensic radiologist, the ballistic expert, the autopsy radiologist, three Dallas pathologists, and even with the autopsy report itself.

He never adequately explains the mysterious, nearly circular, 6.5 mm bullet-like object on JFK’s anterior-posterior skull X-ray, and he even disagrees with the ballistic expert about its interpretation. The ballistics expert, a consummate marksman, and a famous forensic pathologist have never seen such an object in their entire careers, but RR unequivocally claims to know what it is. Nor does he address the metallic smear on the Harper fragment, and he misplaces this bone fragment in his reconstruction of the head wound.

In summary, this review exposes remarkably many reasons for disbelief, reasons simply overlooked by laypersons. Among other miscues, Robertson has even misidentified left for right.

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