Dawn Graham

Dawn Graham, Ph. D

Currently working as an assistant professor at the Department of social medicine at the Heritate College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ohio. Graham earned a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Purdue University in 2010 and a Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science: Counseling from Valparaiso University in 1999. Clinical experience has included working at the University of Chicago Hospitals, Purdue University, Danville Veterans Hospital, Michigan City Area Schools, Porter Starke Community Mental Health and Logansport State Psychiatric Hospital. Her areas of research interest include integration of behavioral health and primary care, rural health, community psychology, global health and chronic disease wellness. Her 2010 dissertation was a qualitative research study that focused on career persistence among female musicians. Her current research grant focuses on the influence of integration on rural health practices in Ohio, Tennessee, and Maine. In addition, she is currently working with colleagues in the Department of Family Medicine and the Diabetes Institute with promotion of Diabetes marketing and education among faculty.